Fugitive on the run in Philippines for 20 years found guilty of murder in US

Fugitive Was on The Run in Philippines For 20 Years and Now Found Guilty of Murder in U.S. – www.philippineslifestyle.com

A jury has convicted a long-time fugitive of murder for killing his wife’s best friend in a crowded restaurant on Father’s Day 1992.

Santiago Pedroso was immediately sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday. He had spent 20 years on the run in the Philippines.


The verdict came after his daughter testified about last seeing her father that night at the restaurant.

Rachel Pedroso says he feared her mother was romantically involved with victim Delores Alvarez.

Her once dark-haired father is now stooped and graying. Her mother died last year.


Santiago Pedroso was taken into custody after trying to get a passport in Manila in 2013.

He chose not to testify at his trial. But in a 2013 police statement, he said he fled to avoid going to prison.