Free eBook: Corner Store Cocktails

We’ve all been there. Sitting at home somewhere in the middle of the province, getting a thirst on and having access to nothing but the local Gin, Brandy and Rum offerings. With a somewhat uninspired range of mixers to go with them.


In order to bring variety back into expatriate alcoholism, Dave Bramovich has authored an eBook entitled “Corner store cocktails, getting pissed in the Philippine provinces. He’s gone through extensive testing (often at great risk to his personal safety) to come up with these fantastic cocktail recipes. All of which are made from ingredients that are commonly available at any sari sari store in the country.

To quote the intro to the eBook:

“The reason I set out to write this book is that, over the years I’ve been living here I’ve come up with a number of cocktails that are very drinkable and can be assembled from readily available ingredients.

I have a fruit and veg market a 10 minute walk from my house and a sari sari store directly over the road. There is nothing in this book that cannot be put together by anyone who has similar access.”

Corner Store Cocktails – the ultimate guide to drinking in the Philippines from by Dave Bramovich on Scribd

If you’d like to get on the piss and you’re sick of red horse then click here to get your completely free copy of this 24 page guide to survival for foreigners who like the odd tipple! Feel free to share it with your friends too.