Four-year-old boy blurts out the truth about mother’s fake kidnap plot

Police have arrested a woman who pretended that she and her four-year-old son had been kidnapped in Manila.

The supposed kidnappers demanded 100,000 pesos from the boy’s father. The so called ‘victims’ were eventually rescued and the woman received the ransom money via a wire/money transfer.

In her attempt to extort the son’s father, the mother forgot one thing – the police questioned the four-year-old boy and he told the police the truth.

“The son said they were together the whole time and that they even went to Manila Zoo, and that no one abducted them,” Anti-Kidnapping Group () head Senior Supt. Roberto Fajardo told reporters in on Monday.

The mother and son were reported missing by their relatives on Friday. The boy’s father received a text message demanding the 100,000 pesos for the of the two. Police later arrested a woman who turned out to be the mother of the boy as she was withdrawing the ransom money at a mall in City.