Four Chinese arrested for haul of shabu worth 1.3 billion pesos

20190319 Chinese suspect with shabu packages
One of the Chinese suspects pictured with part of the haul of shabu seized in Muntinlupa City yesterday. It had been hidden inside teabags before being stuffed into biscuit tins. Photograph courtesy of the PDEA.

Four Chinese men have been arrested and shabu worth nearly 1.3 billion pesos seized in two operations in Muntinlupa City.

Operatives of Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) seized 166.5 kilograms of shabu in the linked raids late yesterday (Tuesday, March 19).

The first operation, a buy-bust, took place at 5pm at the parking lot of Festival Mall on Madrigal Avenue, where the agents arrested three Chinese men who have been identified as Kei-Kei Go, aged 40, Emmanuel Pascual, 79, and Kian-Kok Chua, 43. Senior citizen Pascual [who was identified by police as Chinese, despite his Filipino-sounding name] has denied any involvement in illegal drugs.

The agents seized from them 43.5kg of shabu — or crystal meth  worth an estimated 295 million pesos.

The second operation, a raid, took place at 6.30pm at Ayala Alabang Village, where the agents seized 123kg of shabu worth an estimated one billion pesos.

They also arrested a 19-year-old Chinese man identified as Yi Wu.

Speaking at a late-night press briefing, PDEA Director General Aaron Aquino said: “Based on the packaging, these drugs came from the Golden Triangle of drug syndicates. This is the same packaging seized by other nations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, the same packaging. It’s actually in the form of teabags that they put into biscuit tins.

“So this is ready for delivery maybe tonight or early morning tomorrow. It’s good that we are able to detect the movements of this group.”

He added that investigations were continuing in order to confirm which criminal group, if any, the men might be linked to. “None of the men wants to talk. Actually, I think they are from mainland China,” he said.

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