Former vice president Al Gore visits Tacloban City to view Yolanda rebuilding

Al gore
Former US Vice President Al Gore Visits Tacloban City and the Rebuilding After Yolanda – – Photo from Alfred Romualdez’s Facebook page

Former United States Vice-President Al Gore surprised Tacloban City residents with a visit this past Saturday.

Gore visited the region where super typhoon Yolanda came ashore, creating one of the largest storms in world history.


The former Vice-President visited the area ahead of a leadership training program on climate change that is being held in Manila.

Gore visited Barangay 88, one of the most devastated regions in Tacloban in the 2013 typhoon. The barangay lost over 1,000 human lives and destroyed nearly 1,600 homes.

Gore spoke to several families and individuals that are still having issues with recovering from Yolanda, many still living in transitional shelters, most living without access to clean water.


Barangay 88 is also the location of a mass grave where Gore paid homage to – the plot is home to over 2,000 former residents of Taloban and the local area around Barangay 88.

Gore also visited the M/V Eva Jocelyn, a ship that ran aground during the typhoon’s surge and is now a Yolanda memorial site.

Al Gore, the founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project, won the 2007 Nobel Peace Price for his efforts to build awareness on climate change.

An Inconvenient Truth,” a film launched in 2006, has brought awareness and recognition to the affects of global warming.

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