Foreigner cheated by Pinay ex-girlfriend flies to PH for help

Foreigner cheated by Pinay ex-girlfriend flies to PH for help
Foreigner cheated by Pinay ex-girlfriend flies to PH for help (Image from PinoyBoxBreak)

A foreigner cheated by Pinay ex-girlfriend flies to the Philippines to ask help from Raffy Tulfo.

Richard Powery came all the way from the Cayman Islands to get the $ 10,000 he gave to girlfriend Emelyn Cabaccan who is now in Singapore.

Raffy Tulfo of “Wanted sa Radyo”, a and public service host who is known for his firm and fast actions towards complaints told Emalyn to return the money Richard gave her to construct her house in Ilagan, Isabela.

Emelyn said in the interview that she broke up with Richard because he always accused him of having an affair and forced her to have video sex with him.

However, Richard denied Emmalyn’s accusations and said that their problem started when Emmalyn re-posted a memory on Facebook where other men posted malicious and flirty comments. Richard said Emmalyn replied to those comments and refused to block them. She said those were part of her past and he should accept them.

Richard insisted on seeing Emmalyn in person but she refused. Instead, she asked him to go to Isabela, the Philippines to meet her family. The two have never met face to face until they broke up.

Emmalyn complained that Richard forces her to take off her clothes show her private parts to him in a video call. Richard admitted it but said it was with consent.

Foreigner cheated by Pinay ex-girlfriend gave money for her daughter and family

Tulfo questioned Emmalyn for continuing her relationship with Richard despite her complains against Richard. He said she continued chatting with him, telling him her family’s needs until Richard gave in.

Aside from the $10,000 worth of house Richard built, he also spent $4400 for his travel to the Philippines.

In the end, Tulfo shouldered Richard’s plane ticket and accommodation to have a payment arrangement with Emmalyn’s family.