Duterte tells soldiers they can use foreign critics as live human targets

foreign critics
President Duterte addressing soldiers about his foreign critics today. Screenshot from recording (below)

President Duterte has told an audience of military personnel that foreign critics of his war on drugs could be used as “human targets”.

His words today (Thursday, September 21) came after the International People’s Tribunal found the president guilty of human rights violations.

The so-called court has no official legal foundation and is conducted by a collection of left-wing organisations. 

During its hearings in Belgium on Tuesday, nun Sister Patricia Fox testified via video-link about the ongoing attempt to have her deported. As we reported, she also spoke more generally about and social workers being harassed in the country.

The order against her stems from the allegation that she involved herself in political activities, a charge she denies. 

In response today, the president told an audience of soldiers that he would only “bow to the Filipino people”.

“If I fell short, then as a Filipino, that is your right to criticise and even slam me if you want. 

“I would never, never take it against you. Pero kung itong mga puti, itong mga g*** na ito, magpunta dito, maghanap ng kasalanan natin [These Caucasians, they go here to look for our faults].” The president was speaking at an anniversary event at Camp O’Donnel in Capas, Tarlac.

He continued: “Hindi ko nga alam kung ano ‘yang extrajudicial killing. Eh wala ‘yan sa Revised Penal Code. Kaya sige lang, balang araw ‘pag naubusan kayo ng target at gusto ninyo ng live-fire pati live human target, makapagdala lang ako ng tatlo niyan, makita mo ‘yan eh puro puti.”

[I don’t even know what extrajudicial killing is. It’s not in the Revised Penal Code. Go ahead, one day if you run out of targets, and you want live fire and live human target, I will send three there, all of them white.]

His words were met with a moment of silence, followed by laughter.

Also in his speech yesterday, the president welcomed White House National Security Advisor John Bolton’s attack on the International Criminal Court (ICC), where human rights charges are pending against the president. 

“It’s good that there is an international pressure sa ICC kasi binul-s**t sila ni Bolton. He’s really a very far-right diyan sa America. Gaya ni Trump,” he said.

In March, the president withdrew from the ICC. However, the court can still claim jurisdiction over the Philippines for one year following this decision.

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The president mentions his foreign critics from about 15m 20s.