Forbes Magazine names the Philippines as one of the best places to retire



Forbes Magazine has Named the Philippines as One of the Top 25 Countries to Retire in for 2015 – Image of Lake Sebu on the Island of Mindanao

Forbes Magazine has done it again, listing the Philippines as the 23rd best country to retire in. 


Coming in at number #24 and #25 are close neighbours of the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam, with Malaysia falling in a strong #4 spot. 

Here is the full list of the best places to retire to in 2015, according to Forbes Magazine:

1. Ecuador


2. Panama

3. Mexico 

4. Malaysia

5. Costa Rica

6. Spain 

7. Malta

8. Colombia

9. Portugal 

10. Thailand

11. Italy

12. Uruguay

13. Belize

14. Nicaragua

15. New Zealand 

16. Brazil

17. France

18. Ireland

19. Honduras

20. Chile

21. Dominican Republic

22. Guatemala

23. Philippines

24. Cambodia

25. Vietnam

Each country was noted for its cost of living, vivid scenery as well as culture culture and what considerable benefits that retirees around the globe would be looking for. 

Other factors include climate, health care, banking and a horde of other noted formulas which would benefit retirees. An additional part of the survey includes expat communities and the percentage of the population which can or do speak English.