Flying kiss, hand wave best greetings for Valentine’s Day- DOH

Flying kiss, hand wave best greetings for Valentine's Day- DOH
DOH Secretary Duque demonstrates how to give a flying kiss greetings for Valentine’s Day amid threat of COVID-19. (Image from YouTube)

The Department of Health advised the public to use flying kiss and hand wave as greetings for Valentine’s Day.

This is the advice of Health Sec. Francisco Duque III to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease or COVID-19.


Duque’s advice: to show affection to friends, husbands, and other loved ones this Valentine’s Day, just give them a flying kiss as greetings.

According to Duque, make sure the hand would not touch the lips when giving flying kisses.

He also said don’t even talk while giving the flying kiss.


The DOH has also issued a notice advising the public to avoid meetings that would have a big crowd.

These include concerts and other major events.

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COVID-19 Update February 14

  • 65,247 confirmed cases across the globe
  • 1,491 died
  • 7,099 recovered
  • 1 new case in Japan
  • Report from Hubei province for February 13:
    • 4,823 new cases (including 3,095 clinically diagnosed)
    • 116 new deaths (including 8 clinically diagnosed).
    • 51,986 cumulative total cases (including 15,384 clinically diagnosed)
    • 36,719 currently hospitalized, of which:
      – 27,081 (73.8%) in mild condition
      – 7,953 (21.7%) serious
      – 1,685 (4.6%) critical
    • 690 new hospital discharges (including 214 clinically diagnosed)
    • 166,818 close contacts have been tracked
    • 77,685 people are undergoing medical observation
  • The novel coronavirus is affecting 28 countries and territories around the world. The bulk of China’s new cases and deaths are reported after 22:00 GMT (5:00 PM ET) for Hubei (lately with delays of up to 2 hours), and after 00:00 GMT (7:00 PM ET) for the rest of China (lately with delays of up to 9 hours).