Five-year-old girl killed by bullet intended for drug suspect grandfather

Danica May killed by sniper in Dagupan City, 5 year old girl killed, drug dealing grandfather
5-Year-Old Girl Killed by Sniper Bullet Intended for Drug Dealing Grandfather –

A five-year-old girl is dead from a gunman’s bullet intended for her grandfather, who was posted on a police watch list as a drug dealer.

53-year-old Maximo Garcia surrendered to police on Saturday after he was told that he was part of the drug watch list in Dagupan City.


But three days later a man approached the house of Garcia and opened fire, wounding Garcia and hitting Danica May, his five-year-old granddaughter, in the head.

Police say Danica May is the youngest casualty on the war on drugs which has been ongoing since the new president took office.

Garcia is now recuperating in hospital after a bullet entered his stomach.


Garcia’s wife Gemma said she was surprised to learn that her husband was on a drug watch list. He was talked into surrendering to police by the local barangay captain to clear his good name and for his own safety.

She told authorities that she does not understand why this happened, and why anyone would attack her husband who was never involved in illegal drugs.

Police say the drug dealers are behind the attempted killing of Garcia but locals believe that people are getting wind of those reported on the list, and have become vigilantes, killing anyone that they suspect is selling drugs.