Five family members killed, including girl aged three, due to “grudge”

Long Standing Grudge Kills 5 Family Members, Hurts Three More in La Union –

A long-standing family grudge ended on Tuesday with eight people either dead or wounded, including a three-year-old child. 

Initial reports show that the shooting and hacking rampage took place shortly after the family buried one of their relatives. After a night of along the roadside, one suspect, Demetrio Gayo and his son Oscar, Noel and Ferdinand came and challenged the group to a fight. 

One member whipped out a .45 calibre pistol and began shooting victims including the three-year-old girl, Mary Anne. Other family members who started the fight also began hacking away at the others, in all, three people were seriously wounded and rushed to Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Centre. 

Witness say the suspects remain at large after fleeing the scene of the and heading into the mountains of Agoo in La Union. 

Police say the grudge stems from a family issue from an orchard which is owned by the Emperador family that one of the victims is in charge of taking care of. 

Agoo’s mayor expressed extreme sadness over the incident – especially with the loss of a young life. The mayor has ordered a manhunt for the suspect.