Fishermen baffled after they catch bizarre ‘tattooed’ fish

Picture by Hero Peewee Bacuño, via Facebook

Fishermen in Misamis Occidental have landed what appears to be a heavily tattooed fish.

Photographs shared by GMA News on its Facebook page show intricate, symmetrical patterns and some lettering.


One of the photos shows the fish side by side with a similar specimen showing the usual, unadorned colour of the species.

The fish to the right appears to be the same species, but devoid of markings

It seems likely that the markings were caused by some sort of man-made trash coming into contact with the fish’s skin and somehow imprinting its image there.

Commenting on the pictures, Facebook user Steve Clark said: “This was probably caused by some sort of trash or fabric that had been embedded in the fish’s skin and over time imprinted this design onto it. Just a thought.”


However, many of the other 2,000-plus commentators favoured less rational explanations of the strange tattooed fish — ranging from being a sign of the End Times to being an escapee from an underwater secret jail.


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