Lawmaker says firing squad executions should be broadcast on television

firing squad
La Union Representative Sandra Young Eriguel says executions should be broadcast on television

A member of the Philippine Congress has said that firing squad death sentences should be broadcast live on television.

La Union Representative Sandra Young Eriguel said people should watch the executions in order to “sow fear” among would-be criminals.


The policy would be a return to the Marcos years, when death sentences were regularly broadcast to the nation.

She said: “Any method of death penalty, as long as it is viewed on national television because that would give impact or fear.”

Rep. Eriguel was among the 217 lawmakers who cast their ballots in favour of bringing back capital punishment for a number of drug-related crimes this week. The 54 who voted against the motion included Emelda Marcos, who represents Leyte in Congress.


The current bill does not cover crimes most usually punished by death, such as murder or rape.

The method of execution is yet to be decided. “Maybe firing squad, it has more impact to deter crime when viewed in public, said Rep Eriguel.

“I used to favour lethal injection but on second thoughts, if firing squad is televised live, maybe those planning to commit heinous crimes will think twice.”

In the USA, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh is campaigning to have his own death televised, which has sparked a lively debate.

Richard Dietzer of the Death Penalty Information Center, said: “Execution is so much a judgment, an action by the community. It’s a statement by the community that this is what they want.

“It used to be very public, and now it’s done behind prison walls. The more people know about the death penalty, the better they’re going to be able to judge it.

“The whole process is carried out in the people’s name, and they should know if those acting in their name are doing it carefully and humanely.”

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