24-hour fire station was totally empty of crew when disastrous fire broke out

CDO fire station
Firemen Supposedly On Duty 24/7 Are Nowhere to Be Found When First Emergency Breaks Out in Cagayan De Oro City – stock photo – www.philippineslifestyle.com
Cagayan de Oro firemen at Barangay Balulang fire station are in hot water after residents found nobody on duty when a fire broke out.
Only after city fire trucks arrived on the scene did the local sub-station fire truck trundle into view.
Local officials gave the excuse that the Balulang fire truck was unable to respond to the house fires as it had to refill its tank with water from the subdivision’s fire hydrant.
The fire destroyed one house and damaged three others.
Residents say it was the second time in recent years the local fire crew had been unable to perform its duty.
Barangay officials have denied the charge, saying that the sub-station is manned 24/7. However, angry residents say the entire station was closed down and nobody was inside.
In all, about 15 fire brigade staff were supposed to work in the station yet, not one was on call to answer the cry for help.