Find Out How to Share a Whatsapp Profile by QR Code

The popular social media app, WhatsApp, is continuously introducing new features to enhance your messaging experience. And, you’ll definitely love this new update if you always thought adding people on WhatsApp is a tedious process. 

Now, you no longer have to save contact numbers just to be able to communicate with acquaintances over WhatsApp messages. All you have to do is simply share your WhatsApp profile QR or scan their QR code and you will be instantly connected. 

Even though this is not a new feature in the world of social media, it sure is a very useful one when it comes to WhatsApp. In this article, you can learn how to use this new feature.

Find Out How to Share a Whatsapp Profile by QR Code

What’s So Great About WhatsApp Profile QR Codes? 

If you are a regular user of WhatsApp, you perhaps know how painful the traditional way of adding someone on the app is! You must first save people’s names and numbers on your phone to be able to connect with them. 

With this new feature, you can just exchange QR codes and be pals on the app in just a few seconds. Like all of its other features, the app introduced this change to beta users first and presented a polished glitch-free version to you. 

WhatsApp business users will benefit the most from profile QR codes. Businesses can share their business WhatsApp QR codes on their and websites so that potential customers can connect without any hassle. 

How to Share Your WhatsApp Profile with QR codes

Like everything else on the app, using this feature is super simple. To share your QR code with friends and family, you need to launch WhatsApp Messenger first, which can be done via the Store.

You will the little QR icon in the Settings tab, right beside your profile. Clicking on this icon will reveal a unique QR code for your WhatsApp contact details. 

Your friends can scan this code using the WhatsApp camera and you’re all set to exchange texts and multimedia with the click of a button. While individuals can scan this code from your phone screen when you meet in-person, you can also use the share QR Code button to send the code! 

Not only can you send the QR as a photo, but you can also send it over Facebook, Instagram, email, and several other social media platforms. 

How to Scan Profile QR Codes with WhatsApp

You can open WhatsApp settings, click on the QR icon, and then click scan to retrieve the contact information of an individual or business. 

Simply tap “Add to Contacts” to enable communication with the desired contact through WhatsApp. 

You may also scan QR codes that are saved in your phone gallery. Another quick and easy way is to scan via the WhatsApp Camera. All you’ve to do is open the in-app camera and then hold the device over a QR code

Just in a matter of a few seconds, you can add a new contact. Alternatively, you can add from the “New Contact” screen by selecting “Add via QR code” from the “New Contact” tab. 

How to Reset Your Whatsapp QR Code

Find Out How to Share a Whatsapp Profile by QR Code

The QR code will not expire unless you delete your account or reset the code. However, it is important to only share the QR code with trust-worthy individuals. 

With this novel way of contact sharing, someone might forward your WhatsApp QR code to others. If you fall prey to such a situation, you need not panic when you can simply reset your QR code. 

Resetting WhatsApp profile QR codes is very easy. You can click on the QR icon on the settings tab and then click on the “Reset QR Code”.


The WhatsApp profile QR codes make adding friends and family very easy. 

Gone are the days of fiddling through the phone contacts to save new numbers just to message someone on WhatsApp Messenger.