How to Find a Financial Advisor with Low Fees

A financial advisor assists you in decision making regarding your financial management. They maintain a close look at economic trends to help their clients earn more money. 

Apart from earning money, they also help you in maintaining a financial plan. They decrease the chances of emotional decisions by keeping you informed all the time. This helps reduce the chances of making a bad decision. 

How do you find the best financial advisor with the lowest possible fees, though? First of all, you need to list your requirements, and then you can look for options. You can compare their charges and decide who is best for you. In this article, you will about financial advisors and how to find the best possible one for you. 

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What a Financial Advisor Does

A financial advisor is a person who provides monetary assistance to their customers. They obtain the required information and analyze it before giving any advice to their clients. They keep themselves updated with economic trends to ensure the safety of their client’s funds. 

The most important job of a financial advisor is to make a client comfortable. The client should be able to trust their words and feel comfortable to share their concerns. 

How They Can Help

A financial advisor will understand your monetary requirements and assist you in making decisions regarding insurances, taxes, and investments. 

A good advisor will meet you in person and understand your financial goals. They will share their expertise and how they can assist you in reaching your financial destination. 

An advisor will educate you on how to plan your retirement while investing your money safely. They will analyze your lifestyle and suggest changes if you get married or have a child, for example. A financial advisor will also suggest you reduce your expenses if required. 

Financial advisors always keep checking for opportunities to invest their client’s money. They will reach out to you as soon as they find an opportunity to make some money. 

Who They Can Help

Do you need a financial advisor? Can you benefit enough from their services to make up for paying their fee? Maybe! Actually, it depends on your budget and future goals

A financial advisor can assist everyone from a billionaire to a middle-class person who is struggling to make a retirement plan. 

They don’t consider emotions while making a decision. Most importantly, they suggest lifestyle changes that leave a positive financial impact. 

Average Fees

The fee of a financial advisor depends on various factors, including their expertise and your requirements. When you visit an advisor, they can quote their charges after you share your requirements. There are three ways through which a financial advisor charges their clients. 

  • When you visit a financial advisor for a one-time visit to seek their advice, they usually charge you on an hourly basis. An average hourly fee of a financial advisor is between one hundred and three hundred dollars.
  • When you ask a financial advisor to manage your investment, they usually take a percentage of assets. The percentage is usually one to two percent of assets under management. 
  • If you want to hire a financial advisor to implement your financial plan and provide assistance on a routine basis, they usually charge you a fixed payment. The amount varies depending on the duration of the plan and the time required to implement it. 

Best Platforms to Find Financial Advisors in the US

It is easy to get confused regarding where to find an excellent financial advisor. Unlike in the past, you can now find a financial advisor with only a few clicks. You can enter your requirements, and an online planning service will find you the best match. Here are a few of the best platforms to find a financial advisor.

  • Ellevest
  • Facet Wealth
  • Personal Capital
  • Betterment
  • Wealthfront

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Finding a financial advisor can be tricky if you don’t know your requirements clearly. You must know whether you need a financial plan from them or if you need them to handle your investments. They can charge you a lot of fees for doing various tasks. 

However, if you have clear requirements and you discuss the tasks before a financial advisor, there are fewer chances of you overspending on their services.