Filipino volunteers in New Zealand plant trees for environmental protection

Filipinos voluntarily planted various canopy trees at Waitawa Regional Park in Auckland on August 8, 2021. The group planted less than 400 trees.

“Since there were 34 out of 50 participants from Pinoy Adventurers NZ who joined, a rough estimate would be around 400 trees planted. Assuming that each member planted around 10-12 plants each,” said Matthew Alajas, a member of Pinoy Adventurers NZ.

Pinoy Adventurers NZ or PANZ led the tree planting, which coincided with their fourth anniversary. PANZ is a community-based, volunteer-led organization that promotes Filipino culture by conducting outdoor in New Zealand.

“Karamihan sa aming members ay Filipino migrants sa ngunit meron din kaming mga miyembro na ibang ethnicities na interesadong makilala ang kulturang Pilipino at makibahagi sa aming tulad ng tree planting,” said Ms. Marose Marfori, Founder and Leader of PANZ.

Our volunteers lead beginner walks and hike around the North Island, mainly in Auckland, and once in a while, we have paid trips that require professional guides or gear hire. Our aim is to encourage Filipino migrants and other ethnic minitories to get out more, explore our beautiful land Aotearoa (New Zealand) and enjoy the wellbeing benefits of nature and adventure whilst connecting with their fellow kababayans and our culture,” she added.

Filipino volunteers in plant trees for environmental protection

For Jerome Sanchez Mordido, 32, who is also an NZ citizen, their voluntary planting of trees is like taking care of their own yard in their home.

“…it was about giving back to the land and to me, as a citizen, part taking in such activity is just like maintaining your own backyard. As a Filipino, it’s my way of saying thanks and showing support to the other volunteers for keeping New Zealand green,” said Mordido.

Pinoy Adventurers NZ encourages compatriots and other nationalities to participate in two more tree planting projects also led by Filipino volunteers that will be held on August 21, 2021: the “Tree Planting Volunteer Day” to restore the restoration of waterways.

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