Filipino travellers can now get UK visas in just 24 hours


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The is rolling out the red carpet and offering Filipino travellers the chance to receive a UK visa within just 24 hours.

The service will begin in April 2015 but comes with additional fees and stricter requirements.

The service is called “Super Priority Visa Service” and will cover the Philippines, South Africa, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Thailand.

The embassy said the service will ensure a decision on visa applications within 24-hours. Those who use the service will have to pay a fee of £600, or 42,534 pesos, above the normal fees for the service.

The service is mainly aimed at  travellers but is available to anyone willing to pay the fee. The embassy said that it had proved popular in numerous other countries.

They also said that going through this fast-track channel did not in any way guarantee a visa application was going to be successful.

Filipino visitors to the United Kingdom were up by 23 per cent in 2014.