Filipino snacks: High-point of the much-maligned cuisine of the Philippines

Filipino snacks

Although the Philippines rarely gets much credit for its cuisine, when it comes to snacks, the country can hold its head up high.

In fact, other nearby countries that are justly famous for their food are severely lacking in this department — I’m looking at you, China.  

So, while food may have been voted one of the world’s least favourite national cuisines in an international survey, it’s not all bad news.

So, here’s my guide to the top five snacks, should you find yourself feeling peckish while out and about. 

5) Salt and vinegar crackling

This is my absolute go-to when I’m in the Philippines, and I eat far too much of it. Filipinos love crackling, and they are damned good at making it. Much like us Brits, they love everything covered in salt and vinegar. There are a number of good brands, with Dilis and Oishi being the most well-known.

4) Cheesy fries

The best cheesy fries are obviously at that gleaming pinnacle of cuisine, Jollibee. But other than that, you can find cheesy fries at almost every rest stop or street corner. And if the worst comes to the worst, they’re pretty easy to make at home.

3) Fried chicken skin

I only recently discovered this culinary delight, due to my adherence to the keto diet. With a bit of salt it makes a great alternative to potato chips/crisps.

2) Chicharon

This is much more than just mere crackling (see point 5), this is a Filipino religion — if there is no Chicharon at a party, it simply isn’t a party. Mix it up with some vinegar and wash it back with Tanduay rum. Next stop karaoke! Oh, and it is keto friendly 

Balut: The king of Filipino snacks

I do not care if balut regularly tops list of the “most disgusting foods in the world”, I genuinely really like it. For those that don’t know, balut is fertilised duck egg, that you open, fill with and salt and vinegar, and then suck from the shell.

Filipino snacks and the keto diet

Now I come to think about it, all bar one of these is keto-friendly. And anyway, cheesy chips wouldn’t be a good idea, whatever diet you were following.

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