Filipino in New Zealand eats dog food, PH Embassy to investigate

Filipino in New Zealand eats dog food, PH Embassy to investigate
Sarah Brunton helped in New Zealand who eats dog food to survive, PH Embassy to investigate (Image from

in New Zealand eats boiled dog bones and relies on donations to survive.

The was identified to be Kim Villaranda, a qualified plumber in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Philippine Embassy in New Zealand said that they are aware of the OFW’s situation and will take action to help him.

Philippine Ambassador to New Zealand Gary Domingo said, “We are looking into this case, including with regard to his recruiter and employer.”

Domingo also said that they already coordinated with the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Canberra with regard to Villaranda’s case.

in New Zealand victim of worker exploitation

Villaranda’s story was first featured in

The report said Christchurch woman named Sarah Brunton helped Villaranda to bring his case to proper authorities.

Brunton met Villaranda on 2018 when Villaranda installed carpet on Brunton’s garage. There he shared his woes of being forced to work for 20 hours straight.

“I could not look the other way,” said Brunton.

Villaranda was originally hired as an assistant warehouse manager but his employer, Derek Chiu, imposed that he works long hours to lay carpets.

Villaranda protested but Chiu just said, “He said just do it, if you want a job, if you don’t, just go home.”

The OFW’s visa already expired in December and now in a visitor visa. Villaranda wanted to stay in the country to find new work and get his remaining salary from his previous employer. He also needed to pay debts and send money to his daughters in the Philippines

As he struggles financially, Villaranda managed to survive through food parcels from City Mission and by boiling meat bones which are sold as pet food.

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