Filipino in Guam faces charges of human trafficking and visa fraud


A Filipino music producer in Guam is facing 29 felony charges of visa fraud, as well as conspiracy to commit visa fraud, alien trafficking, and harbouring undocumented aliens.

He will also face charges related to using female members of a Filipino band to sell alcohol at Guam clubs and bars – a major violation of the federal immigration programme regulating those types of bands.


46-year-old Jemuel Luciano was arrested on Saturday, June 18, in Tamuning and appeared on Monday before the US District Court in Guam.

Luciano is an executive producer of Royal Entertainment Productions, who stage artists and talent for television and concerts throughout Guam.

Luciano is accused of allowing bands to perform for an extended period of time, something that is illegal under the Federal visa program. From 2011 to 2014, Luciano recruited two bands from the Philippines to work in Guam where the bands were told to perform unauthorised work.

Guam from the Air, filipino in guam
Filipino in Guam Faces Charges of Human Trafficking and Visa Fraud – (photo; Guam from the Air)

The Federal indictment shows the band profited about $10 for every $30 in drinks that were sold during the venue. The illegal activities continues from 2011 to 2014.

If convicted, Luciano would have to forfeit any money obtained in the illegal sessions – a report from the Pacific Daily News says that he profited $9,258. He also may be deported and banned from returning to the United States or any of its territories.