Filipino hit-man dubbed “The Killer from Manila” dies in British jail

Victor Castigador, known as “The Killer from Manila” was one of Britain’s most notorious prisoners

A sadistic Filipino hit man dubbed “The Killer from Manila” has died in a British jail.

Victor Castigador was handed a rare whole-life term by the home secretary after he tied up and set fire to two security guards after robbing a London amusement arcade in 1989.


The sadistic killings were dubbed the “human torch murders” and saw Castigador become one of only 50-odd whole-life tariff convicts in the UK.

Then, last June, he received another life sentence after battering child killer Sidonio Teixeira to death with a rock stolen from a fish tank.

Castigador, who arrived in the UK from the Philippines as an illegal immigrant in 1985, had hidden the rock in a sock before targeting Teixeira, aged 59, in a workshop at Long Lartin jail.


After the attack, he told guards: “He pissed me off, he deserved what he had. I’m never getting out, I have nothing to lose. He won’t need an ambulance, he’s dead.”

‘Being a hit man was my job’

He later told detectives: “I’m wrong to kill somebody, but it’s my job. When I was in my country I was a member of a liquidation squad. Sometimes, you have to punish evil.”

Last night it was revealed Castigador died of natural causes on March 21 aged 63.

His death was not announced by officials, however an unnamed source told The Sun newspaper that the former hit man died of a heart attack in hospital after suffering a stroke in jail.

The source said: “Castigador was one of Britain’s worst killers who never showed any hint of remorse for his crimes.

“His death has saved the taxpayer many thousands of pounds. He will certainly not be missed.”

When asked by the newspaper for confirmation, a Prison Service spokeswoman said: “HMP Woodhill prisoner Victor Castigador died on Tuesday, March 21.

“As with all deaths in custody there will be an independent investigation by the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman.”

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