Filipino-Canadian businessman caught in immigration Halifax fraud case



Filipino-Canadian Businessman Caught in Immigration Fraud Case in Halifax – Image of a Small group of Victims waiting outside the preliminary hearing in Halifax –

A Filipino-Canadian businessman is undergoing preliminary hearings after being arrested for immigration fraud.


Hector Mantolino, owner of Mantolino Property Services Ltd. is facing 56 charges of immigration fraud under the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Montolino is accused of workers which he hired to provide false and misleading information, as well as false statements, to gain work permits within the country.

He is also accused of giving false statements to the Federal Government of Canada about those who he hired as well as their rate of pay.


The Canadian Border Services Agency says Mantolino victimised at least 28 temporary foreign workers, paying some maids and cleaners from the Philippines as little as $3.13 (Canadian) per hour. He then told the victims to lie about their wages if they wanted to stay in Canada.

The Filipino-Canadian citizen is also accused of setting up false businesses and submitting fake documentation to Service Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada as well as the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration.

The preliminary hearing will determine if enough evidence will take the case to trial.