Filipino arrested for robbing foreign journalist at gunpoint

A member of the notorious criminal gang ‘Batang City Jail,’ or BCT, was arrested by in Manila on Thursday.

Police say the victim, 59-year-old Timothy Arthur O’Leary, was staying in City and positively identified the suspect, 57-year-old Biel Bersamino of Ternate, Cavite.

The foreign journalist stold police that Bersamino befriended him while he was waiting for a taxi on Makati Avenue. Mr O’Leary said he was headed to Roxas Boulevard to meet a lady friend.

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Arrested for Robbing Foreign Journalist –

Bersamino introduced himself as a security guard from City Garden Hotel and said he lives near Mr O’Leary’s house.

Mr O’Leary told police that he believed the suspect and trusted him. He hailed a cab and offered to take the victim to his friend since he was also passing by Roxas Boulevard.

The cab stopped in front of a marketplace where both men got out, that’s when Bersamino held O’Leary up at gunpoint and demanded 3,000 pesos.

Out of fear for his life, Mr O’Learly said he handed the suspect 2,000 pesos and a $100 American dollar bill.

Bersamino fled on foot, and Mr O’Leary hailed the same cab and told the driver he had just been robbed.

The driver took the victim to meet his lady friend, who then accompanied him to the police to file a formal complaint.

The suspect was known to officers, and soon tracked down.