Filipino American taxi driver wins ‘driver of the year’ after returning $300,000


Gerardo Receiving his Award in San Antonio,

For the first time in the state of Nevada, a Fil-Am taxi cab driver won the prestigious award of Taxicab Limousine & Para-transit Association’s annual event.

The event was held in San Antonio, Texas, and has awarded Gerardo for his act of returning $300,000 left in his taxi two days before Christmas in 2013.

Gamboa has been a taxi driver for over 25 years, spending his last 14 years working in Las Vegas for the Yellow Checker Star Cab Company.

He was named “2014 Taxicab Driver of the Year” by the TLPA’s 96th Annual Convention and Trade Show in San Antonio.

It is the first time in that a taxi driver from Nevada had won the award as it covers the entire U.S. This also marks the first time a Filipino won the award as well.

Alfred LaGasse, chief executive officer of the TLPA, said Gamboa was selected for the Taxicab Driver of the Year award because of his honesty, outstanding ethics, and dedication to customer safety.

“The story of the $300,000 shows just what kind of a person Gerardo is,” LaGasse said. “But let’s also not forget that he’s an exceptional taxicab driver who, in his 14 years of service, has never once had an accident, never once been late to work, and never once received a customer complaint. He is truly deserving of the admiration of his colleagues in the industry.”

Gerardo and Elsa Gamboa originally hail from Pampanga, Philippines.