Filipina swindled money from Belgian man by pretending to be ill

Filipina Arrested for Duping Belgian National in Cebu City –

The Office of the Cebu City Prosecutor has indicted Filipina Alamarie Mabasa for estafa (also commonly known as swindling).

Mabase is accused of duping Alexander Schick, a Belgian, into sending her money by pretending that she had applied for work abroad. She also told him that she was undergoing medical treatment, asking for money for her bills.


“It would appear that the intention of respondent (Mabasa) in telling fabricated tales was to take advantage of complainant’s trust and brotherly affection,” the resolution noted by city prosecutors.

Mabasa is charged with violation of Article 315 of the Revised Penal Code and is currently in jail on a 60,000-peso bail.

Mr Schick filed the estafa charges against Mabasa, who he met on Skype in April of 2013. Mabasa worked as a sales agent for Mr Schick who owns an online ticketing business.


When Mr Schick came to the Philippines in May, 2013, he and Mabasa became close friends. That’s when Mabasa told him of numerous problems including family, health, personal and financial that she was having.

The accused then asked Mr Schick for money, who sent money via wire tranfers.

She then asked him to send money for her medical treatment and also for a new job in Taiwan.

In all, Schick sent her 155,660 pesos, or approximately $3,620.

But in January 2014, Mr Schick became suspicious of Mabasa’s stories and spoke to her friends.

The Belgian then discovered that Mabasa had never left the Philippines, nor did she undergo any medical treatment.

Mr Schick sent her a letter, demanding the money be returned.

Cebu City prosecutors said: “It was a scheme to extract money from Mr Schick, who unfortunately parted with his money.”