Filipina nurse in USA arrested for kidnapping, trespassing


Authorities arrested a Filipina nurse in California, USA, for trespassing and attempted kidnapping of a child. However, the Filipina’s relatives insisted that she has a mental health problem.

In a GMA news report on “Unang Balita” on Wednesday, Vacaville police said the Pinay nurse pretended to be a teacher at a school and took a four-year-old boy who she repeatedly calls “Brian.”


The boy was recovered from the Filipina nurse in the USA. But in another separate incident, the Pinay allegedly tried to open a car with a child on board.

The suspect was later arrested at her home. According to her ex-husband, the nurse has a mental problem.

It is possible that the Pinay was looking for her son, “Brian,” so she was trying to take the children.


The nurse’s family has asked the authorities to have her examined by a professional to identify her mental health condition.

The suspect is now facing kidnapping and trespassing charges.

Meanwhile, San Diego police shot a mentally ill Filipino man who threw a brick at her aunt in the El Cerrito area. The Filipino’s family demand a full investigation on why the police resorted to shooting instead of less-lethal force to stop him.

The Filipino was identified as Dennis Carolino, 53 years old, and a person with mental disability.

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