Filipina maid in Bahrain rescued from rapist after Facebook plea goes viral

 Staff at the Philippine Embassy were alerted to the plight of Abby Luna, a Filipina maid who claims to have been beaten and raped by her employer’s son in Bahrain.

The maid was rescued from her employer on Friday after Miss Luna posted a desperate cry for help on her Facebook page. The video she shared of her bruises attracted 78,000 shares and 19,000 ‘likes’.

“The rescue was prompted by the video message, and she is now under the care of our embassy,” foreign ministry spokesman Charles Jose said. Philippine embassy officials and staff from Luna’s employment agency picked her up from her employer’s house, Mr Jose said, adding that police were investigating the incident.

Luna’s alleged attacker has denied the incident, telling police it was not him. Miss Luna is claiming that her employer’s son is a drug addict and used what appears to be a webcam to post her viral video.

“Help me get out of here. I’m scared. Until now, my genitals hurt. My leg is bruised. He punched my leg to immobilise me,” the 28-year-old wrote. She has been working in the Middle Eastern country for a year. She also claimed in her video that: “After my employer’s son abused me, he threatened to kill me and bury me in the desert if I tell anyone about what happened.”


Miss Luna claims that her employer does not believe her claims that his son raped or hurt her. He insisted that she remain and finish out her last two months of employment before she goes home.