Filipina maid stole jewellery worth $400,000 from employer in Singapore

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Filipina Maid Charged with $400,000 Jewelry Theft From Filipina Employer in Singapore – stock photo –

A Filipina maid made has been jailed for stealing jewellery and cash from her employer in Singapore.

48-year-old Mary Jane Importante Escalona has been sentenced for two years for the first of several charges against her. She was reprimanded to jail on Monday to begin the sentencing.


In all, Escalano faces up to seven years in jail and hefty fines for each of the 37 charges against her.

The maid stole some $400,000 dollars worth of jewels from her employer, 60-year-old Jose Isidro Navato Camacho. She reportedly pawned the jewels on the same day and went on a gambling spree at casinos.

Escalano is said to have visited Resorts Worlds Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore where she gambled the entire amount she received from the loot.


Apart from the jewellery, Escalano also stole cash from her employers business between 2014 and 2015.

Escalano pleaded guilty to 12 of the 37 charges against her. All 12 charges involved theft. She will be jailed for the next two years on the initial 12 charges, but faces up to an additional five years for other charges that may include hefty fines.