Filipina facing fraud charge after telling Swedish boyfriend she was single

Lovely Anne Enad allegedly gave her marital status as single in the contract to sell and deed of absolute sale for the purchase.

A Filipina is being charged with fraud after telling her Swedish boyfriend she was single, in order to buy property with him.

Lovely Anne Enad will face court on charges of estafa [fraud] and falsification of public documents in relation to the almost 2.5 million peso Lapu-Lapu City property deal.


Prosecutor Rhodna Alcala-Bacatan said: “There is no question that there was a fraudulent misrepresentation by respondent when she claimed that she was single when she is not. 

“That the misrepresentation or false pretence was made prior to or simultaneous with the commission of the fraud, and complainant was prejudiced when he paid the amount of 2,483,960.58 pesos for the property he expected to be co-owner with respondent.”

According to a report in the Freeman, the prosecutor recommended a 16,000 peso bail for Enad’s temporary liberty while the case was pending before the court.


In his complaint, Hans Goran Gunneriusson alleged that he provided the money while Enad acted as the buyer when they bought a property in Lapu-Lapu City.

He added that they were in a romantic relationship when the purchase was completed.

Enad allegedly gave her marital status as single in the contract to sell and deed of absolute sale for the purchase.

However, Gunneriusson later learned that Enad was married to a certain Felomino Enad. On his Facebook page, the Bahrain-based chef gives his relationship status as ‘married’.

Gunneriusson told the court that had he known Enad was married, he would not have dated her and would not gone so far as to buy property with her.

In his complaint, he asserted that Enad deliberately lied with her civil status mainly to defraud him.

The prosecutor summoned Enad to file counter-affidavit and other controverting evidence to negate the allegations filed against her. However, she failed to do so.

The trial continues.

UPDATE: According to the SunStar, Enad had previously brought a case against her estranged husband, Gunneriusson, a city councillor and several others for unlawful eviction.

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