Filipina Doreen Mooney honoured with “Member of the British Empire” award

Filipina Doreen Mooney Receives Her “Member of the British Empire” Award –

In a article we ran last month on 47-year-old Doreen Mooney – the lady who would be receiving the prestigious “Member of the British Empire” recognition for her charitable work in anit-social behavior in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Mooney, who is battle breast cancer, was scheduled to attend the investiture at Buckingham Palace later this month with Queen Elizabeth II. Due to Mooney’s rapidly deteriorating condition, the ceremony had to be moved a week earlier and was officiated at the hospital in which she is staying at – Good Hope Hospital in Birmingham. 


“To me it’s a big honour, it’s a big achievement because when I did those things… when you do things for people, you don’t really look forward to the reward but you look forward to the results of what you’re doing to the person and how that would change a person’s life. So, when I was given the award it was fantastic. But, saying that, it was also the downhill of my health,” Mooney said.

Twelve years ago, Mooney, a native from Butuan, migrated to the UK for work. She also had a second chance at love and married her British husband, Duncan, who became very supportive of her work and passion.

Mooney developed a charity called New Heights in Kingstanding, one of the most deprived areas in the UK, with teenagers manifesting anti-social behavior, among others.


“My office then was the kitchen of the priest, and since then we got a derelict shop and made it into a community cafe. And then now we have a £700,000 worth of community center – eco-friendly – and serving thousands of people in the community. From nothing, it has gone to such state,” she explained.

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