Search is on for most beautiful teenage Filipina Austrians

Filipina Austrian

Teenage Filipina Austrian beauties can now try their luck in the newly-launched “Ms. Teen Filipina-Austria Pagent.”

Organizers of the event said their goal is to impart to -Austrian youths and their role in their community.

“We aim to enhance the Filipino-Austrian youth’s appreciation of Filipino culture, traditions and values, and how these can be applied to the Austrian setting,” said Rheena Eria.

The nonprofit competition is open to young ladies between the ages of 14 to 24 years old, and who are Filipina Austrians.

Eria hopes to be able to develop an of goodwill who will represent the Filipino-Austrian community. They also want the young girls to become advocates of education, promote fashion, beauty, arts, and the Filipino culture and donate to charities and numerous other worldly causes.

“One of our objectives is to create a kind of identity, not only that we are considered as excellent workers, but also we yearn for something glamorous and a kind of luxury for the Filipinos here. The beauty pageant could be a great opportunity to achieve this,” Eria said.

The winner will get the chance to represent Austria in the Ms. Republic Beauty Pageant which will be held in the Philippines in June of 2015.

“Since I am connected with the Ms. Republic, maybe we could send a representative from here. We have good girls and they are very intelligent, very confident. Maybe we have a big chance to grab the crown,” Eria said.

Katja Sabando, an Austria-born candidate, joined the competition primarily to gain new friends and acquire confidence on stage.

“I joined the search for Ms. Filipina-Austria because I knew that I would gain a lot of new experiences and self- confidence. I strive to inspire young girls to be confident and to new life experiences,” Sabando said.

Another contestant, Sabine Langer, is very excited to be a part of the beauty pageant.

“I want to go a bit further and take the chance maybe to go to the Philippines if I am lucky to win this beauty pageant,” Langer, who is also a model, said.

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