Filipina accused of marriage fraud: ‘He totally knew I was still married!’

Lovely Anne Enad denies the estafa (fraud) charge against her, and says her ex-boyfriend knew full well she was still married as he paid to begin the annulment process.

A Filipina accused of telling her Swedish boyfriend she was single before they bought a 2.5 million peso property together denies the fraud charge against her.

Lovely Anne Enad contacted PLN today (Thursday, June 7) to give her side of the story following our report on the ‘estafa’ charge filed against her before a court in Lapu-Lapu City.


The 34-year-old stressed that she never concealed her marital status from Hans Goran Gunneriusson. She said: “He knew I was not yet annulled, he knew this in the first place. He was even the one who paid for the annulment because we were planning to get married.”

She also said that she had been separated from her ex-husband, Felomino Enad, for five years before she met the Swede in 2015. “Goran knew all of this, and it was him who filed the annulment.” The husband and wife split up after exactly one year together.

She added that she had all the documents to prove Gunneriusson’s involvement in the annulment, which is still pending.


In his complaint this week, Gunneriusson alleged that Enad claimed to be single in a contract to sell and a deed of absolute sale for the purchase of a property worth 2,483,960.58 pesos. He supplied the money and Enad acted as the buyer.

The Swede alleged that if he had known Enad was married, he would not have dated her and would not have considered buying property with her.

Prosecutor Rhodna Alcala-Bacatan summoned Enad to file her counter-affidavit to answer the allegations filed against her but she failed to do so. For this reason, she resolved the complaint based on the available evidence.

In her resolution, she wrote: “A subpoena dated September 19, 2017, was issued to respondent, giving her ten days from receipt thereof to file her counter-affidavit. To date, after the lapse of over a month, no counter-affidavit was ever filed. This complaint will now be resolved based on the evidence on record. Pursuant to Rule 112, Sec.3 (d) of the Revised Rules on Criminal Procedure.” 

However, Enad said the reason she failed to file a counter-affidavit was because the Cebu City Prosecutor’s Office sent the paperwork to the wrong address.

She also suggested that the reason Gunneriusson filed against her was because she had already filed two cases under Republic Act 9262 or Violence Against Women and Children against him. Following these complaints, the court directed the Bureau of Immigration to include his name on the hold departure list.

Also, about three months ago, Enad filed criminal complaints against Gunneriusson, her estranged husband, a Lapu-Lapu City Councillor and five others for conspiring to evict her from her home.

A report in the SunStar describes how they were accused of falsification by private individuals and use of falsified documents, qualified trespass to dwelling, robbery, robbery with intimidation against a person, robbery in an inhabited house and usurpation of real rights in the property.

“I suffered emotionally and psychologically. I know he is doing with this because right from the start he wanted to control me, physically and financially,” Enad’s affidavit read.

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