Where to file complaints against lending apps, loan sharks?

More and more people are now resorting to online lending to borrow money but are cursing and threatening the debtor when they are charged.

It would have been an additional expense this time of the pandemic so alias “Aya” was forced to borrow money from the online lending app even though the interest was high.

First loan app:

Debt: P2,000
Money recieved: P1,600
Payment within 7 days: P2,500
Interest: P100+ per day

Another loan app

Money recovered: P4,500
Processing fee: P3,000
Overdue interest: P2,100 (7 days)
Total charged: P9,600

But Aya complained of the hurtful messages the harassment she received from them.

“Ang sabi po nila sa isa pong text message is makapal daw po mukha ko, scammer daw po ako dahil hindi ko raw po binayaran ang perang nakuha ko. Then nagmumura sila tapos ipapadukot daw po kami, bubutasin ang ulo, ganyan. Sisirain daw po ang buhay ko at ng pamilya ko,” she said.

A Facebook group was formed by Perfecto Bordallo who has also previously been a victim of loan sharks. It is said that they have up to 20,000 members – all of them air the same complaint.

The (DOJ) Cybercrime Office recently issued a public advisory against what it calls unfair debt collection practice and cyber harassment.

Where to file complaints against lending apps, loan sharks?

Prohibitions of online lending apps and companies:

  • access to the borrower’s contacts list
  • posting personal and sensitive information of borrowers on the internet
  • threatening to be killed or harmed if not paid
  • swearing at the bill

The cybercrime unit of the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police (PNP) can also be approached when the complaint is related to the Cybercrime Prevention Act and revised penal code.

It is also possible to approach the National Privacy Commission when there is a violation of the Data Privacy Act. Just last December, a company has already been slapped and sued by the DOJ.

Complainants can also go to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

But the SEC warns that the terms of the loan cannot be changed because it has to go through the courts.

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