Fil-Canadian ex-legislator charged with immigration fraud in Canada

Fil-Canadian ex-legislator charged with immigration fraud in Canada
Fil-Canadian ex-legislator Carl Benito (wearing black) and his son Charles (not in photo) were charged with in Canada. (Photo from Philippine Canadian

Fil-Canadian ex-legislator and his son now face charges after the Canada Border Services Agency’s one-year investigation.

Carl Benito was a former Alberta Progressive Conservative Member of the Legislative Assembly. His son, Charles also resides in Canada.

According to the Post Millenial report, the were charged with nine unauthorized employment of foreign nationals and two counts of counseling or abetting misrepresentation. They will also face one count, which represents 90 instances, of counseling or abetting misrepresentation related to a study permit loan scheme.

Carl Benito is also charged with separate criminal mischief.

The CBSA released news on Tuesday, accusing the Benitos of unauthorize employment of foreign nationals at World Immigration Group Corp., Helping Migrants Canadian Immigration Corp., and  Triple Maple Leaf Canada Corp. from November 2015 to October 2016.

The said, “As licensed immigration consultants, Mr. [Carl] Benito and Mr. Charles Benito counseled temporary foreign workers in Canada to apply for student permits, despite the applicants having no intention of going to school, in order to extend their status and allow them (and their spouses) to in Canada.”

“The Benitos and their associates facilitated short-term cash loans up to $17,000 for individuals to meet the financial requirement of the study permit application. The alleged offenses occurred between November 2015 and June 2018,” it added.

Authorities raided Fil-Canadian ex-legislator home

According to CBC News, the CBSA raided the Benitos’ house and office in June 2018. This is where they found $250,000 in cash.

“An officer who attended the office reported that space had no document storage, which led them to believe all documents were being stored at the Benitos’ residence.”

Benito also allegedly advice his clients to “intentionally make errors while applying for work permit extension, which gives the client “implied status,” allowing them to prolong their stay in Canada.”

Those who were given study permits did not go to school but work 20 hours a week instead.

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