Fil-Am and American turn themselves in on drug run in US

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Fil-Am and American Cohort Arrested After Turning Themselves in on Drug Run in U.S. – (image by East Idaho News)

A Fil-Am and his American cohort were travelling with 20 pounds of marijuana when they decided to smoke some of the contraband along the lengthy trip.

As the trip progressed the two became paranoid, with the Fil-Am pulling off the highway as they entered the state of Idaho and dialed 911. has the video report from East Idaho News and the 911 that the Filipino American used, the hilarious call shows the entire stupidity of the event – you can see it here. 

Arrested in the incident was Leyland Ayala – Doliente and Holland Sward – upon his arrest Leyland, the Fil-Am tested positive for marijuana use.

So does this incident prove that Filipinos are inherently drug pushers and users? and what treatment would Leyland Ayala receive in the U.S. for his possession and use charges compared to what Philippines President Duterte would do to Leyland if he was caught in the Philippines with 20 pounds of illegal drugs? kill him? put him on a list? put him on row perhaps? – rest assured he may receive a prison sentence for transporting the illegal drug but he won’t be shot or killed for his moment of shame.

In a report this week, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte scoffed that he would send officers to South Carolina to engage in the human rights violations that appear to be ongoing in the country – so if Duterte was worried about America’s human rights, shouldn’t have have sent officers to assist in the human rights of his own countrymen? well in this case that wasn’t possible, but you get the point either way.

If Duterte was worried about sending his officers to South Carolina as he stated this past week, shouldn’t he be sending his officers to rescue one of his own? or do we just come to the realization that Duterte has once again instilled his hypocrisy into the loosely woven society that he preaches to?

The botched event took place in 2015 – with Sward receiving 5 years probation with a suspended sentence and 30 days in jail – while Ayala received 1 1/2 years behind bars for his leading part in transporting the stash.

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