Fifty per cent shortfall in expected number of tourists visiting the Philippines

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Philippines Fall 50% Short of Foreign Tourist Arrivals in First Part of 2015 –

The Department of Tourism has fallen 50 per cent short of its projected numbers of foreign tourists arriving in the country for the fist six months of the year.

In all, only five million of the projected 10 million tourists arrived from January to June.


However, the Department of Tourism said the country had gained more revenues from the lower number of tourist arrivals, creating a six-billion peso gain for the country.

Domestic tourists for the first six months of 2015 reached 54 million.

With longer easy-stay visas available to foreigners, tourists are staying longer and spending more cash in the country.


It is estimated that an average tourist spends $103 dollars per day while visiting the Philippines.

A spokesman for the Department of Tourism said: “We now make more money from tourists than Thailand.”