Ferdinand Marcos’ solid bronze casket arrives in Illocos Norte

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Many are surprised by the sudden appearance of the solid bronze casket which will be Ferdinand Marcos’ final resting place after he is buried at the Hero’s Cemetery on September 18.

Arriving a month ahead of schedule, the casket was ordered from the United States and picked up by former First Lady Imelda Marcos herself, Mortician Dr Frank Malabed said.

Preparing for the Hero’s , the Marcos Mausoleum will be closed to the public until Wednesday.

Funeral services will be held prior to interment at the Paoay and Batac churches.

Sources say the Department of National Defence issued a formal memorandum instructing the Armed Forces of the Philippines to plan and prepare Marcos’ burial at .

Many families throughout the Philippines are adamant that they will uproot true heroes from Libingan if Marcos is buried there. Ongoing reparations under treatment involving murder, detention and more are still being hashed out in legal venues which directly associate Marcos and his maltreatment under Martial Law.