Feng Shui App: How To Create Peaceful Atmosphere At Home


Feng Shui App will transport you into the ancient world of Chinese arts. The name itself translates into wind and water. It is a means to arrange one’s environment in a way that promotes well-being. This alignment enriches all aspects of one’s life, from health to career.

In today’s period, we are unaware of how we are the sum total of our environment and how it continues to impact us. Hence, Feng Shui enlightens us with ways to toy with color, symbols, and more to enhance the quality of life.


To properly incorporate Feng Shui into our lives, many apps have been created. These apps help you to better practice this art, serving as pillars of guidance that lead to prosperity. Let’s dive into the world of Feng Shui so you can better comprehend it.

Feng Shui App: How To Create Peaceful Atmosphere At Home

What wonders does Feng Shui do?

Feng Shui talks about Chi which is the energy powering all life around us. It’s important to nurture good chi in your surroundings for prosperity and happiness. By strategically altering the placements of objects in our homes and workplaces, we can see significant changes.


Like when going through a writer’s block, adjusting things around can bring a new wave of productivity in you. Feng Shui can bring an influx of happiness in relationships, health, and career by making minor changes. Now, let’s learn how to do that.

How To Indroduce Feng Shui In Your Home

Introduce more greenery

Practicing Feng Shui can turn into a fun task of adjusting your home décor or adding more pieces. Bring in another life force in form of plants into your home. Plants can be symbolic of growth so, introducing them on your work desk would bring around success.

Make room for more light and air

Your home is what you come back to every day. So, in order to manifest a better quality of life, let in more light and air. Plant more bulbs in beautiful shapes so that you’re never bereft of light. Add in more windows to let nature set camp in your house and bring fresh air, natural light, and better vibes.

Play with color schemes

Paint your humble abode with subtle colors that invoke a sense of calm. Feng Shui expert, Laura Cerrano speaks about the Five Element Theory. She suggests that colors of water, fire, earth, metal, and air should be incorporated in your rooms.

She says,” using these foundational tools can then help you implement simple changes into your living environment through small doses, while at the same time shine some light into your inner nature.”

Add art as a home décor piece

Art always brings . So, introducing a painting that resonates with you or invoked a feel-good vibe is a good idea. It’s always recommended to hang pictures with a resemblance to or representative of nature.

These are some basic tips that Feng Shui talks of. For a more detailed understanding, let’s look at a Feng Shui App.

Feng Shui App: How To Create Peaceful Atmosphere At Home

Feng Shui DIY home

This is an app that uses an Eight Mansion Feng Shui theory to attract good chi in your household. This theory helps to place your furniture in the right direction based on your gender and age.

Putting your belongings in the auspicious directions paves the way for growth, peace and wealth. The app has an inbuilt compass that detects your house direction which then generates your house and birth compatibility. An ideal color palette is also generated. This compatibility is needed to bring in the flow of good chi.

Then, the app lets you detect if your furniture in all your rooms is in the auspicious directions or not. If not, then the app aids you in readjusting the furniture to compute a productive atmosphere in your living space.

What does it cost?

Feng Shui DIY home is a free app but the full version of $10 promises full advice. The free version of the app lets you delve deep into the theory of Feng Shui and detect whether your house sits on an auspicious position or not.

The full version of $10 displays a walk-through procedure and measures to correct the directions. This version aids you to replace the furniture in your house as well as suggests apt color schemes for good chi. This app can really change the way you feel all day long.