Father arrested for raping daughter ’50 times’

Father arrested for raping daughter '50 times'
Father arrested for raping daughter ’50 times’ in Cagayan de Oro City. The suspect had raped the child since she was eight years old.

Police authorities arrested a man for allegedly raping his 13-year old daughter ’50 times’ in the last five years, Friday, September 6 in Agusan, Cagayan de Oro City.

Police named the suspect as “Gilbert,” 39 years old. Gilbert later admitted he had raped his minor since she was only eight years old.

Police Station 6 chief Captain Mario Mantala said that the suspect might have raped his own child 50 times.

According to Mantala, the victim rushed to the police station to report her father. The suspect was about to rape her again that day. The child was barely dressed when she went to the authorities.

Father arrested for raping claimed he was a military group member

The police arrested the suspect who showed them an identification card and presented himself as a member of the Philippine Military Intelligence Group. He also showed his gun and a handcuff he claimed to own.

Authorities confiscated an S and W 357 magnum revolver, six live bullets, an identification Card of PHIL-MIG, a handcuff and a wallet from the suspect.

The military denied the suspect’s claim that he belongs to the army.
Captain Reggie Go, spokesperson of the 4th Infantry Division also said that the suspect could have just invented the military organization he was presenting.
Meanwhile, the doctor who examined the 13-year old victim said that there were indeed traces of semen in the child’s private part.
The suspect will face attempted rape, illegal possession of firearms, usurpation of authority, and multiple rape charges.

The child is now in her grandmother’s custody.

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