Father and son suspects for raping, killing college student arrested

Authorities arrested the suspects for raping and killing a 19-year-old .

Police Captain Dadje Delima, chief of Janiuay Police, confirmed that the father, alias “John” and his 14-year-old son “alias” Toto “were the suspects in the crime.

It was initially reported that “Toto” pointed to a certain Raymart Estoque, 18 years old, as the crime’s mastermind. He also said he stabbed the victim, Ronalyn Brabio, with an ice pick before raping her.

However, in an updated report, “Toto” testified that his father first stabbed Brabio with an icepick before raping her.

The minor also said his father “John” forced him to the victim.

The victim suffered a fracture in the head that led to her death after “John” hit her with a hard object.

The investigation showed that Toto’s father “John” and the college student victim were cousins.

Delima added that there had been complaints against John before. “John” also had been spying on the victim at her home.

Because of Toto’s testimony, he is now considered a state witness who positively identified his father as the mastermind of the crime.

According to P/Captain Dadjie Delima, chief of Janiuay Police, authorities found the victim Ronalyn Brabio already naked, tied to a tree, and has a stab wound in the abdomen. The victim was a college student in a university in , taking up BS Management and a resident of the said barangay.

According to the victim’s father, Mang Rolando, his daughter informed them that she would buy something at the store at 5 pm on Saturday. But after one hour, the victim had not returned, so they searched until they were able to recover her lifeless body in a secluded area.

The father said his daughter was only on vacation because it is a semestral break.

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