Father and son arrested for selling fake COVID-19 medicine

Northern Police District arrested a father and son for alleged selling of fake in Dagat-dagatan, City.

According to the NCRPO Public Information Office, police conducted an entrapment operation against the suspects.

The father allegedly received P7,500 from police who disguised as a buyer.

Before being arrested, the father presented police with a spray and other products they called anti-COVID-19 medicine.

According to the World Health Organization, there is no specific COVID-19 medicine that has been discovered. WHO also does not recommend any self-medication for the disease

As of March 22, Sunday, the Philippines has 380 confirmed cases with 25 fatalities and 15 recoveries.

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Man arrested for selling unlabeled overpriced alcohol

PNP confiscated more than P61,000 worth of unlabeled overpriced alcohol from a man during an entrapment operation on Kitanglad Street, Brgy. Doña Josefa, Quezon City this Sunday.

According to the NCRPO Public Information Office, they have received complaints against the 59-year-old suspect for allegedly selling overpriced alcohol in Metro Manila.

The police undercover has been trading online with the suspect and has confirmed that he sells unlabeled alcohol for P175 per liter.

The price range of 500 mL of ethyl alcohol is P61 to P74, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

During the operation, the police seized 350 bottles of one liter of alcohol from the suspect.

The suspect will face charges in violation of the Price Act, Consumer Act of the Philippines, and Republic Act 11332.