Sister of murdered nun Jacqueline Hamill denounces Duterte’s sick “joke”

murdered nun Jacqueline
Family Of Australian Nun Jacqueline Hamill, Denounces Duterte for President – (photo at Davao City Jail)

Robin Haines Merill, the sister of Australian nun Jacquelin Hamill is outraged about the joke that Davao City Mayor, and presidential hopeful, Rodrigo Duterte made this week.

Sister Hamill was raped and killed in a hostage standoff at Davao City Jail, in 1989, her throat slit after she was gang raped and left for dead.


As we reported here, Mr Duterte said at a campaign rally: “They raped all of the women… There was this Australian lay minister… when they took them out… I saw her face and I thought, son of a bitch, what a pity… they raped her, they all lined up.

“I was mad she was raped – but she was so beautiful. I thought, the mayor should have been first.”

Merill said that Duterte’s tasteless remarks about her sister were “unforgivable” and posted the following statement on her Facebook wall:


“On Behalf of My Sister in Christ, Missionary Jacqueline Hamill, I Publicly Denounce the Presidential Candidacy of Duterte in the Philippines.”

Duterte said in a statement that his low class upbringing is why he swears and speaks out of place so often.

Merill also wrote in a statement about the rape comment “Love Trumps Hate, Don’t Stop Loving, Don’t Vote For People Who Speak Vile Things Against Women!!”

See vintage photograph of Jacqueline at Davao Jail here