Thousands of families affected by flooding in Baco, Oriental Mindoro

More than 9,000 families were affected by the floods in Baco town, Oriental Mindoro, due to several days of rain.

According to Baco Reynaldo Marco, up to 9,378 families were affected by the floodwaters brought by the southwesterly winds powered by Typhoon Fabian.

A total of 1,134 families in 5 barangays are considered “greatly affected” after experiencing “very high” flooding.

“‘Yun ang isang problema namin dito dahil itong Baco ay catch basin po ito,” Marco said in an interview with Teleradyo Monday.

The mayor added that the local government would declare a state of calamity on Monday to help the affected residents.

“Ngayon, kami ay magco-convene… upang makapag-declare ng state of calamity para sa ganun ay matugunan ang ating mga kabarangay,” said Marco.

Today, he said, the floodwaters are gradually disappearing due to the improvement of the weather.

Nearly P8 million worth of flood damage to  and infrastructure in Baco while 800 families from 18 barangays were affected.

In Barnaga Burbuli, vehicles cannot enter due to the height of the flood on the roads.

As a result, residents descended on the flood and met those delivering goods.

Prices of vegetables, fish increase due to flooding

Meanwhile, some and fish prices rose at Murphy Market on Monday, triggered by a series of rains.

The price of some from Benguet and Southern Tagalog was raised by P20 to P30.

Prices of

• Cabbage → P120/kilo (formerly P80/kilo)
• Date → P120/kilo (formerly P80/kilo)
• Tomato → P120/kilo (formerly P80/kilo)
• Garlic → P150/kilo (formerly P120/kilo)
• Cucumber → P100/kilo (formerly P70/kilo)
• Sayote → P60/kilo (formerly P40/kilo)
• Ginger → P130/kilo (formerly P110/kilo)
• Radish → P100/kilo (formerly P85/kilo)
• Cauliflower → P100/kilo (formerly P80/kilo)
• Broccoli → P150/kilo (formerly P80/kilo)
• Eggplant → P100/kilo (previously P80/kilo)
• Ampalaya → P100/kilo (formerly P80/kilo)
• Carrots → P80/kilo (formerly P70/kilo)

The price of fish also went up.

Price of fish:

• Galunggong → P280 to P300/kilo (formerly P200/kilo)
• Bangus → P180/kilo (formerly P160/kilo)
• Tilapia → P130/kilo (formerly P120/kilo)

In recent days, it has rained in some parts of Luzon, particularly the Cordillera, and some neighboring areas of Metro Manila, such as Southern Luzon, due to the southwest monsoon brought by Typhoon Fabian.

It was the rain that caused severe flooding and landslides that affected many residents.

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