Thousands of families evacuate due to Typhoon Bising

Thousands of families have been evacuated in Bicol and Eastern Visayas due to the ravages of Typhoon Bising.

In Catanduanes, Governor Joseph Cua said more than 7,000 families or more than 28,000 people living in dangerous areas have been evacuated.

“Hindi pa naman tayo nakaka-recover noong nakaraang bagyo, ‘yong mga bahay nila hindi pa naaayos nang ganoon katibay kaya mas marami tayong evacuees ngayon kompara noong nakaraang taon,” said Cua.

The typhoon allegedly caused landslides so that the road in and out of Virac could not be passed.

In Camarines Sur, the typhoon severely devastated towns in the eastern part of the province, such as Caramoan just next to Catanduanes.

More than 3,000 residents in 18 coastal barangays were evacuated to Caramoan due to the threat of storm surge.

In the town of San Jose, there is a road where only one lane can be passed due to a landslide.

Some plantations and houses in Lagonoy town have also been submerged due to the overflow of 2 rivers.

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Thousands of families evacuate due to Typhoon Bising

About 200 families were evacuated because they live in dangerous areas in Sagñay, including some residents of Barangay Nato who lost their homes after being swallowed by the tsunami.

The temporary road of the residents of Barangay Budiao in Daraga, Albay was damaged after floods from Mayon Volcano washed away.

The spillway in Barangay Tanda Rosa in Guinobatan is also impassable due to the overflow of the river.

According to the Guinobatan local government, they evacuated more than 6,000 people due to the typhoon.

The typhoon also caused flooding in Jipapad and Palapag, Northern Samar.

In Catubig, 8 barangays were flooded after the river overflowed.

The residents appealed for help especially since they have no electricity and no access to drinking water.

Another was reported in Saint Bernard, Southern Leyte when a tree fell due to the typhoon.

A woman also died when a coconut fell in Hagonoy, Davao del Sur due to strong winds.