Landowners warned against fake DITO site acquisitions

Telecommunity, the country’s third telco, warned landowners Friday against individuals posing as DITO employees for supposed site acquisition, adding the construction sites for their facilities are pre-determined.

DITO said in a public advisory that the construction sites for its base stations, towers, and similar infrastructures were already identified and were included in the plan submitted to the government even before July last year.

“We wish to assure the public that anyone caught misrepresenting themselves as employees or representatives of DITO Telecommunity or any of its Vendors will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” the company said.

DITO said it had assigned only four duly authorized representatives or “vendors” to assist in site acquisition. These are Huawei for North Luzon and the National Capital Region, ZTE for South Luzon and the Visayas, and Nokia-Huaxin for Mindanao as well as Udenna Corp.

“These Vendors and their agents have been provided authorization letters and identification. DITO has disclosed the identities of these Vendors and their agents to the respective local government units,” DITO said.

DITO also clarified the company or its vendors or any of its representatives, and agents never promise lump sum rental payment to landowners.

DITO site acquisition

The company only gives a maximum three months advance on monthly rentals to landowners, the memorandum said.

“DITO or the vendors or any of its representatives and agents never request or demand advance payment or ‘processing’ fees from landowners,” it said.

DITO or the vendors or any of its representatives and agents never request or ask for ‘commissions’ from landowners,” it added.

The company’s Site Acquisition (SAQ) team or the vendors or any of its representatives and agents survey the pre-identified sites and alternative sites that are within a 300-meter radius of the nominal point.

“A memorandum is provided to the landowner. This memorandum contains specific details pertaining to rental fees, rental escalation, conditions, and other contractual terms,” it said.

“The DITO SAQ team or the Vendors or any of its representatives and agents check and validate documents provided by the landowner. The last step is contract signing,” it added.