Twelve-year-old fake cop extorted money from drivers in Pasay City

fake cop
The youngster after being apprehended collecting fines from motorists

Fake cop: A 12-year-old boy who dressed up as a police officer allegedly extorted money from drivers in Pasay City.

The boy was seen along EDSA Rotonda wearing a complete police uniform, with a replica gun in his holster, said Inspector Jaqueline Ta-a, Police Community Precinct 4 chief.


The boy, who was holding a pad of pink “tickets”, was allegedly apprehending drivers and demanding money from them. He also reportedly threatened to refer the drivers to the PNP Highway Patrol Group.

Remarkably, it seems that numerous drivers were fooled and caught out by the “short arm of the law”.

The diminutive youngster reportedly told police that he lives in Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan. He also claimed that he bought the police uniform at the national police headquarters at Camp Crame. He also claimed that he had friends who were bona fide members of the police force.


Insp. Ta-a said it was possible that the boy grew up in Camp Bagong Diwa, and may have found the police uniform somewhere.

“He seems to believe he is actually a real policeman,” she said. “And he doesn’t sound like a kid. When he speaks he sounds official, like a real policeman.

“And, as you can see, his uniform looks very real.”

Traffic enforcers in the area said the boy appeared occasionally in the area, where he would watch and mimic what the real enforcers did.

Pasay City traffic cop Regie dela Torre added that the boy even seemed to understand the team’s shift patterns.

The fake cop was taken to the Pasay City Youth Homes, where he will be assessed by social workers. Officials will also try to look for his parents so he can be returned to his family.

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