Faith healer arrested for allegedly raping patients in Cavite


Police arrested a faith healer in Naic town in the province of Cavite for allegedly raping and molesting his patients.

Police identified the suspect as Arturo Solon.


In a “Unang Balita” report on Thursday, the victims (who did not want to be named) said they were both victims of witchcraft and asked the suspect who is a faith healer for help.

According to them, they were subjected to the suspect’s hypnotism, and they became obedient to him.

The suspect allegedly molested one victim and raped the other.


According to the police, the victims only woke up when they returned to their homes. The victims immediately approached the police to report the incident.

At the precinct, the suspect admitted he touched the victims’ genitals, but that was only part of his treatment.

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Faith Healer in the Philippines

The Philippines Faith healers are also known as “psychic surgeons” or “bare hand surgeons.” These Philippines faith healers can perform surgery without the use of any medical instruments, just using their hands. This is why they are sometimes referred to as “bare hand surgeons.”

These men or women are mainly Catholic, and the most powerful of them claim to channel Jesus, the holy spirit, or some other authoritative guides. They are, however, quick to emphasize that the healing is beyond religion and equally benefits Buddhists, Muslims, Protestants, and all other faiths.

Currently, the most potent faith healing is done in the Philippines by Laurence Cacteng.