Faeldon skips senate hearing

Faeldon skips senate hearing
Faeldon skips Senate hearing today after getting fired yesterday. (Image from CNN Philippines)

Recently fired and former chief Nicanor Faeldon skipped today’s Senate inquiry on the controversial implementation of good conduct time allowance or GCTA law.

Blue Ribbon committee chair Sen. said that Faeldon’s lawyer sent a message to ask permission to skip the hearing.

“Our present attitude is to be magnanimous in the meantime unless there are other information that may come up that will require his presence again.” said Gordon.

President Rodrigo Duterte fired Faeldon yesterday for disobeying his order not to release prisoners guilty of heinous crimes.

The President said that he ordered Faeldon and Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra to stop releasing inmates “until further orders by higher authority.”

However, Faeldon did not conform with the President’s order and released prisoners, including the convicted kidnappers and killers of the Chiong sisters. Ex-mayor and convicted rapist-murdered Antonio Sanchez was supposed to be released too if not for the public’s outcry and Duterte’s order.

Fired Faeldon bids goodbye to the BuCor staff

Faeldon packed his things and posed for a picture before saying goodbye to the BuCor office and staff, late Wednesday night.

“My commander-in-chief/appointing authority has spoken. I am a marine, and a marine does as he is told. I most humbly bow to my commander-in-chief’s order without any hard feelings,” he said in a statement.

In 2017, he resigned as chief when P6.4-billion worth of shipment of crystal meth managed to slip into the Philippines. He then served at the Office of Civil Defense before Duterte assigned him as BuCor chief.