Philippines: Explore the Aquatic Planet!

Travelers, no! More specifically; explorers or adventurous people, this place is meant for you. The pristine beaches, rainforests, old age cities, coral reefs, diverse cultures, and the shopping at a fraction of your pocket is an open invitation to every fresh and the creative brain; the Philippines is the right place to visit.

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After breaking the chains of Spanish 500 years and 50 years of the United States rule, the county outburst and did remarkably way better than other liberations at her moment of freedom. The Philippines have the feeling that they are the hybrid of Central America and Southeast Asia.

The country has more than seven thousand islands to explore, so the beach is never an issue here. Cebu Magellan rooted the cross in the sixteenth century. The city has the most scenic beach resorts, and diving experience here is breathtaking.

In the south direction to Cebu is the Bohol island. The specialty of this island is it’s crystal clear water and the wonderful beach will make your late afternoons. Period! You will rejuvenate after visiting the Spanish leftovers of the dynasty. The Creator’s beauty in this country is also admirable like the Chocolate Hills and the wildlife sanctuary which has Tarsier.

Sometimes the Philippines government closes the doors for the travelers to clear the clutter of the garbage and make the beaches again crystal clear. The cleansing starts in the last days of April month. The place attracts the of almost two million travelers every year. The process lasts till October, technically speaking the whole process takes from five to six months.

Palawan is the place of day tours given to the islands of Honda Bay for its scuba diving and the planets longest underground river located at St. Paul Subterranean National Park. The adventure of exploring the reefs of Honda Bay can be done via dayboats. The islands demand the professional guides to dive tours of the reef, or else you might get lost in the waters and islands of the country.

Now, let’s tell the world about the historical aspect this marvelous country has. Ferdinand Marcos’s original home was the Ilocos Norte. The chamber of his nailed coffin in Batac resembles that of Pharaohs. I can bet on the next fact, and you will be lost in the harmonical and rhythmic notes of music, the moment you enter the place, a Gregorian Chants will stay in your mind for hours and hours, even after when you are done with the visit.

The cobblestone roads of Vigan and old Spanish art looks like Cordoba which swims to the opposite part of the world. The place has baroque cathedrals with some antique stores to shop.

If the traveler is more fond of shopping then come in the streets of Manila’s Makati District. Every penny spent here is made for the joy of the next period of life. The dollar turns this place into a shopping, paradise. The city has got the best diorama to demonstrate the history of Philippine. The Manila Bay island has the crystal clear presentation of the relationship with the United States from the pages of history, known by the name of Corregidor.

The food of the Philippines start the day with Malayan base and then the whole following is done by the Spanish culture, meals, Chinese, with the essence of Porks, sausage, fish, and beef is present everywhere. So, eating a delicious meal is not in the minds; it is served right on your table. Enjoy!

The entry to this country is via Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). The Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, United Airlines planes will fly you in and out of the country with no hassle involved. The suitable time to the Philippines is the months of January and February, and the reason is that at this time the tropical temperatures lower down as well as the rainfall is less.

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The Philippines government itself pens down that it’s unsafe to to some places or islands on their soil. Read yourself the travel Advisory of Philippines has in this regard. The same perception or opinion is kept by the Canadian government too, specifically focusing on southern Indonesia covering the Basilan, Misamis Occidental, Sarangani, and some other places too.

Sometimes Palawan is also on the list of some other foreign soils.

The Sulu Archipelago and the Sulu Sea are categorized at a level 4, strictly banning the travelers from visiting the island and sea of Sulu. The activities of the terrorists here are like abduction for traditional demands but at a very high profile level like ransom, bombings or some threats targetting the United States people, civilians, regional government institutes, sometimes even the security forces.

In this context, the U.S. has withdrawn its hands to provide or facilitate emergency services even to her citizens in these provinces. Check the link to know the high-alert areas to fly.

Final Sayings

There is no other country like Iceland — the most peaceful country on the planet. The thing is the Philippines is so beautiful to visit that no one can deny this fact. Of course, every country has secure and red alert places. The mindset totally relies on the traveler’s choice, the daring hearts never settle, they always explore, no matter what lies ahead, cross all the hurdles on the race track.